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Injury from ceiling falling on me

Posted by @jewelcitrus, Jul 22, 2011

At the beginning of May I had a ceiling fall on me. At the hospital I was diagnosed with a concussion (my third one in 4 years) and soft tissue damage in my neck. I was also given a tetanus shot due to the abrasion/contusion on the back of my left arm. I saw my PCP in the middle of May who thought that I might have nerve damage. Referred to a neurologist who wanted an AEEG and EMG/NCS. After the EMG/NCS she told me I have no pinched nerves but do have carpal tunnel in both hands. I asked her how is that related to the pain I still have in my elbow. All she did was prescribe Meloxicam for a year. I am wondering if I might possibly have Pronator Teres Syndrome and whether or not I should ask for a second opinion. Would love to hear advice from some other doctor’s or nurses. Thanks


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