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injured thumb

Posted by @merce, Dec 30, 2011

My nephew (age 38) had a serious injury in his right thumb about two years ago. He is in the hospitality business and cut his thumb with a chef”s knife. He went through surgery (twice) and physical therapy. However, none of this has helped – he is not able to use his hand fully and it is in constant pain. To alleviate the pain he takes prescription pain killer that create havoc with his mental and physical health. Because this is a workers’ compensation and disability issues, he is being treated by affiliated physicians. These doctors pretty much have said that there is nothing more they can do except to keep him on pain killers. I find it hard to belief that in this day and age there is nothing to be done to return my nephew to a more normal life where he can function adequately in his profession and daily life. Does any one has any ideas or recommendations? I really would like to get him some help. Thank you.


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