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Initial treatment for indication of OA of the hip

Posted by @earlinoregon, Thu, Jun 7 10:51am

In 2016 my hip joint became very sore and the motion became limited. This occurred over a short period of time, perhaps sixty days. At my first opportunity to see a doctor, and referral to an orthop specialist, i was told that i had good cartilage spacing and not candidate for hip surgery. The suggestion was for NSAID and glucosamine, nothing else stated. Twelve months on, i have visited another orthopod at a top clinic, and the images show deteriation of the cartilage in places and bone spurs. My question/ suggestion is that would some form of serious anti inflamatory treatment of the joint area early on, prevented or slowed the onset of OA in this joint? Generally i have good health and good skeletal condition. I feel like this acute attach of inflamation should have been recognized and nipped in the bud. What is the current thought on this?


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