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inguinal hernia

Posted by @p1441r, Jul 11, 2012

I had hernia surgery 1 year ago with mesh. Eight weeks later had to go back in and was told a sack developed and it had to be sewn and cut off. Eight months later I am developing another lump and discomfort. I need someone to talk to about what to do next.



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Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 11, 2012

Oh my, that does not sound to good. I pray you are not in pain. Are you? Even though I don’t know much about hernias, I still wanted to reply and try to encourage you. I pray youfind help with this. If you have to have it removed also, maybe it would be good to go as soon as you can before it enlarges and gives you much more trouble. You are in my prayers. Smiles & Hugs!! Gerri

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Posted by @ca77490, Jan 7, 2013

Don’t think your hugs are what the person was looking for


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Posted by @piglit, Jan 7, 2013

sometimes just by letting someone know that you are there can be a good thing even if it is is the form of a prayer or sending a hug their way. Sometimes people need to be reassured that people do care Take care


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Posted by @ca77490, Jan 7, 2013

That makes sense- thank you.

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