Inflammatory Pseudo Tumor

Posted by tearose @tearose, Sep 1 9:16pm

Good Evening. I’ve been posting from time to time about my experience with diagnosing a liver lesion found in my right lobe. I’ve had all kinds of blood tests, MRI with and without contrast, liver biopsy – and I’ve seen infectious disease and rheumatologist. The thought now is that it could be an inflammatory pseudo tumor. Has anyone gotten this diagnosis? If so, please share your path to it.

Thanks and God Bless!


Hi Tearose, I am sorry to hear about your recent troubles with Inflammatory Pseudo Tumor. I have added your discussion to both the neuroendocrine tumor group and the autoimmune group to see if a discussion can be started regarding this diagnosis and any suggestions that may come up. I know @dawn_giacabazi has had tumor related issues. Perhaps she can share her story. Tearose, how long have you been showing signs of symptoms?

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