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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Posted by Anonymous-33511618 in Breast Cancer, Aug 13, 2012

My sister is in stage IV of inflammatory breast cancer. Her blood pressure has begun to spike to 240/114 and also fluid is collecting around her lungs. Anyone have any experience with this? Why does the BP continue to spike when she's on medication for BP?


Posted by @marmos2012, Nov 16, 2012

Did your sister have a mastectomy? if not how long before she was diagnosed? we are facing a stage three on a 91 year old and wondering if surgery is the best treatment option.


Posted by @leeree196, Nov 16, 2012

No she has not had any type of treatments. That was her choice. She was told that the surgery would be so extensive. She would lose the use of the right arm and part of her jaw. Her tumor is the size of a lemon (on the outside). She was diagnosed 3 years ago. She didn't tell anyone until this past summer. She has no pain and other than the fluid collecting she isn't having any problems. She is beginning to lose weight and have a gaunt appearance. She's had 3 1/2 years of quality life so we try not to complain too much. I have a 93 year old mother and I would not begin to put her through this type of surgery. You have to decide on quality or quantity of life.


Posted by @marmos2012, Nov 18, 2012

It is a though decision, The cancer Specialist is telling us that surgery is the best way to go her cancer is also the size of a lemon and just like your sister she has not had any pain or other problems. We would like to avoid surgery but we are being told that the cancer will spread rapidly to other organs and also the tumor will break the skin and begin bleeding and hurting. Thank you for your reply and may God Bless You and your Family.

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