Indication for ablation procedure

Posted by dancelady @dancelady, Nov 8, 2018

Following diagnostic injections in lumbar region, what positive signs should be apparent in order to indicate an ablation procedure could be effective?

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Good morning!
Ablation is not usually done as a first intervention. Insurance companies OFTEN require less invasive and less expensive treatments.
That being said, if you are allergic to the medications, used in injections or there are extenuating circumstances, the insurance company MAY approve the ablation as an initial treatment.
In my case, I need a new knee. I am experiencing great pain.
However, I had 2 spinal surgeries this year (one at the end of February and the other 7 weeks ago) so I cannot have steroid injections because it can impact the healing process. My pain doc was able to get permission from the insurance company to go right to ablation.
Finally, know that just like any procedure, not every intervention works for all.
Hope this helps.
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

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