“Increased Risk” Organs

Posted by tsr749 @tsr749, Feb 25, 2018

Would you accept an organ from an increased risk donor?


@tsr749, I see that this is your first post on Connect, and I want to welcome you. Thank you for joining us with this very thought provoking question in our Transplant Discussion Group.

I just viewed the news video thru the link you provided. Thank you for sharing it. It touched my emotions deeply because I am a transplant recipient. My own experience taught me the reality of being on a journey that I would not survive without donated organs. I was not faced with this particular decision 9 years when I received my liver and kidney. My life is restored; I am forever thankful.
I admire the husband and wife for sharing their experience. I wish them the joy of many more years together.

tsr749, I am looking forward to hearing from other members about this question. Do you have any questions? What are your thoughts about accepting increased risk organs?
I look forward to hearing from you.


@tsr749 I had a liver transplant in September of 2016. I would have considered a high risk organ if I had gotten to a point of being in extreme need. I also would have wanted to know what made that organ a high risk. I heard or read somewhere that having more than 3 sexual partners makes a person a high risk donor. These days that would cause a huge percentage of donors to be high risk I believe. I wonder if that is true, about 3 partners.

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