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Posted by @anon80706362, Aug 14, 2012

Hello everyone,
Am 21 yrs old single female who is complaining of 5 months of continuous incontinence. Well, things are getting worst, the first time I just noticed one droplet of urine in my underwear , then it become continuous dripping of urine and the quantity is increasing. UTI and stones were excluded, urodynamic studies showed that the sphincter is working probably but the bladder ability to hold urine is very low ( 40 – 80 ).
Now I’ve just started taking vesicare ( anticholinergic ) but no improvement yet. Am just worried and confused especially that am still young.
Did anyone face the same problem in a young age? What could be the cause? What about the progression and the prognosis of the case ?
Thank you very much

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Posted by @zumac, Sep 21, 2012

Hi Arabic, Perhaps your problem is not a bladder ailment. It might be a kidney (renal) problem. I suggest you see a nephrologist.
Goof luck….. Zumac

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Posted by @anon00391161, Apr 1, 2013

Arabic, try physiotherapy and pelvic floor training


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Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 17, 2012

It is odd at such a young age. Have you tried just drinking water for a day to clean out your system. Then for at least l2 wks drink nothing but water and leave out acid foods. I am no expert but perhaps a combination of foods could have created certain acids that have irritated the inside lining and have rendered your bladder overly sensitive.


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Posted by @pamegannp, Dec 18, 2012

Some of my patients who have experienced this issue during pregnancy have reported some measure of success with a soft orthopedic undergarment called a V2 Supporter ( It’s not a permanent fix, but may bring you some measure of relief.

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Posted by @mollyattheqol, Apr 10, 2013

Thanks for sharing your story Arabic! Does your incontinence happen during certain times? Like when you’re running, laughing, or sleeping? Women experience incontinence more frequently than men, and it’s not extremely unusual to happen at your age. Although it’s more typical after childbirth, women ages 16-30 experience incontinence as well! I really recommend wearing pads for days where your bladder leakage is really light. Tena has a great product that I really recommend. Since it sounds like your bladder leakage is getting heavier, you may consider a full pull-up or underwear product. Have you ever heard of The Quality of Life Store? ( They provide a variety of products that can help women like yourself control bladder leakage. What’s best is the shipping is free and it arrives in discrete packaging! Thanks again for sharing your story and I hope you find the cause soon!


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Posted by @carolinenafc, Apr 17, 2013

Please visit the official website of the National Association For Continence or for more information. Also, visit, the official blog of the NAFC

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