Incontinence at 18

Posted by samigrace08 @samigrace08, Oct 28, 2018

Hello everyone. I know incontinence is a not so fun subject to talk about but I have a few concerns for myself when it comes to my bladder control. I am 18 years old and for the past 9 years I have had continence problems. Most of the doctors I brought it up to have said it was due to constipation, but I have done clean out after clean out and am still having bladder leakage. I also have a history of kidney stones and hematuria but there was never a definitive cause for it. My incontinence is to the point where my clothes will smell of urine and having to search for the restrooms in whatever location I may be in. If anyone has any advice or insight on what I can do please let me know. Thank you

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Hello @samigrace08. Here is a Mayo Clinic Radio podcast on this subject that you may find interesting,

I would also like to invite @astabenno1990, @smssms, @dgiese, @letsgo, @gailg, to this discussion as they have all discussed incontinence on Connect. @samigrace08, if you don't mind sharing, what sort of remedies or possible solutions have been discussed with you or have you tried?


Hi, I have had bladder issues like that for the past 3 years. It just leaks out. I have switched to disposalable underwear–Depends when I know that I won't reach a bathroom often. When I wear regular underwear, I use female pads to soak up the urine and can change those as often as needed with none getting into my underwear or on the clothes. Just put two of them in the front of the underwear and they absorb the leaks. Just take the pads out and toss and replace with new dry pads. I just adapted. They want to do surgery for bowel and bladder and prostate for other issues but I can manage this without any smell or disrupting daily activities.

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