inablilty to control urine, bladder incontinance.

Posted by noreenf @noreenf, Nov 17, 2016

I started having urinary incontinence several years ago. The different doctors I have seen have tried every prescription for it that I have seen advertised. Then I had a Medtronic Stimulation System implanted in my butt, that is supposed to “stimulate” my bladder, but it hasn’t helped. The last thing my urologist tried is Botox injections into the bladder, that seemed to help at first, but now I am using catheters daily, because I can no longer empty my bladder.
I am not looking for any “cure” to my incontinence right now, because I am going in to have a knee replacement in 2 weeks. What I am hoping to find, is if anyone knows if there are any washable type underpants that I could get, that would hold the urine I can’t hold from the time I feel that I need to go, and the length of time it takes to get to the bathroom.
Right now, I am wearing Depends, with liners that I get on-line, that helps keep me from going through 5-7 pairs of the Depends a day, and nite. I can’t use any of the pads in the stores, even the overnight ones, because I just end up wetting down my legs & into my shoes, when I do.

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Hello @noreenf, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for taking the time to share a bit about yourself and the situation that you are currently in.

Although I was not able to find other members discussing your exact situation, you may want to check out the older conversation, Prostate and Bladder Issues, Even though they are male, a few other members discussed the use of pads for urinary incontinence in that discussion.
Issues such as yours are not easy to talk about, so as a community moderator, I thank you for sharing your situation openly. This discussion topic may serve as a conversation starter for others to join and talk more openly in the near future.

You also mentioned that you are about to have a knee replacement in two weeks, have you looked in to some of the conversations taking place in Bones, Joints & Muscles regarding knee replacements? Here is a link to an active discussion about other members’ experiences with knee replacements that you may want to check out,

@noreenf, regarding your incontinence, could you tell us more about the medtronic stimulation system? What has your physician who implanted the device had to say about its lack of effectiveness? If you don’t mind sharing, why are you not able to use in-store pads?


Lord have mercy, I hope you got some good help. I suffer from it, if I get a cough I need Depends. They are hot! plus pricey but pads no better. For cost. I do find Always with wings helpful.

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