Improvement in heart function?

Posted by kathyhg @kathyhg, Apr 26, 2021

I’ve had a pacemaker since 2011 and go for annual checks on heart functioning, battery life, etc. I had the most puzzling appointment with my electrophysiologist last week. He said that I have been relying less on my pacemaker and my heart essentially did not need the pacemaker to maintain a normal rhythm last year. He had no real explanation but gave me a few options for where I could go from here but I’m standing still until my next annual appointment.
Has anyone heard of this?

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@kathyhg Hi Kathy, Yes I have heard of it, I had a boss once who was faced with the same issue. I do know he decided to keep the pacemaker installed for an unusual reason and that's why I posing this question to consider before deciding.
We worked in the power industry and were around high powered electrical equipment. One of the issues when they place a pacemaker is the wires that , depending on the type, are routed to your heart. if they remove the pacemaker the wires are still there and due to them being embedded in the tissue are very difficult to remove.
So because we were around a lot of static electricity the wires can act like conductors. its part of the reason were told to avoid metal detectors. Now the pacemaker itself helps discharge any stray induced electricity from the wires so they don't effect you. Now without the pacemaker in there the wires are not in a sense grounded to eliminate stray static electricity. So you may want to discuss that with your doctor in your decision process.
Good Luck and Happy day that your Heart has actually improved, I wasn't so lucky and i did have my pacemaker and wires removed but only because I got a Heart Transplant. Not the recommended way to remove the wires. Now I have a great heart but it comes with different issues.

Have a Blessed Day

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