Important Financial Information re: Glioblastoma (if you have kids)

Posted by amy3997 @amy3997, Mar 24 10:19pm

This forum may be for medical advice. But I would like to tell everyone something that no one told me. When my husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma at 46, I happened to tell my accountant. By chance her husband had died of Glioblastoma, and she said that you can get Social Security when a spouse is diagnosed with this. Each child under 18 will receive a % of the patients income, monthly, until the age of 18, and the spouse will also receive 2 years of monthly social security. Depending on their income, and your children's ages, you could end up with $100,000+ or far more. I realize this isn't something someone wants to think about while in the midst of this, but it is crucial as it will help you to raise your children and pay bills, etc. You must sign up while the patient is alive. It's fairly simple, you just provide them medical information to prove it. You then receive the income directly into your bank account monthly until the children each turn 18. I hope this helps. God bless you all

Hi @amy3997 This is interesting. Are you referring to Social Security Disability?


To add to that information….I applied for Social Security Disability for my husband last year when he was 63. It was processed quickly with a benefit equal to what he would have received at full retirement age 66. From application to check in his account was one month.

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