The Importance of Being Active Participants in our Medical Treatment

I believe we need to ask lots of questions of our medical providers before following a course of treatment / taking prescription medication(s) and to be active participants in our treatment. And those questions can save / ease lives! And include nutritionists, as many doctors don't / didn't learn about nutrition in med school.


: ) Def. It's our responsibility as well.

I grew up with the learning that the doctor was always right. Then about 20 years ago I began working in hospitals as a Human Resource professional and learned that physicians and surgeons are human beings. They have tons of knowledge and have experience to back that up. But, the patient knows their body and what's happening in ways a doctor can't understand. Working together as a team, the decisions they make are better than when only the doctor has input. I have only found a few doctors over the years who didn't think the patient should have input into their treatment. I changed doctors when that happened. Health and wellness are team activities. Having the individual, family, nutritionist, counselor, masseuse, fitness instructor, yoga instructor, chiropractor, and doctors all working together is the very best approach to health. It's also extremely rare in our current system. As many of your healthcare team as you can involve the better. Doing research on various medications and alternatives is also helpful.

I now see my physicians as equals to me in deciding what goes into my body. Occasionally, I forget and call them by their first names. Then I must ask them if that's OK with them. I try not to do that.

Gail B
Volunteer Mentor

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