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immobilizing knee (ligament) pain

Posted by @isabelle1, Feb 19, 2012

From out of nowhere I get sever, immobilizing knee ligament (outside of knee) pain. It brings tears to my eyes, even makes me lose my breath. It takes about 5 mins. of heating pad and massaging to stop. Frequently will happen 3 to 4 times per event.

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Posted by @terbear, Feb 20, 2012

I woke with what I thought was a “crick” in my neck, where maybe I had slept on it wrong, but the pain lasted almost a week and was severe…they diagnosed me with bursitis in my shoulder, but I am sure when I read about it here it can effect the knee and the hip as well. My pain still persists after a painful lidocaine/steroid injection and I am to return to orthopedic Dr. on Thursday….good luck to you and me. AND GOD Bless.

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