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Im very sorry you are having this problem I was having what

Posted by @msd in Just Want to Talk, Jan 13, 2012

Im very sorry you are having this problem I was having what you call overactive bladder problems bladder leakage when coughing laughing and such I also felt the need to go all the time I to have had a partial hysterectomy in 2004 my problem got worse so last week I had a(tvt) tension-free vaginal taping surgery done it went well Doc said most patients are able to use the restroom right after surgery but I couldnt I came home with a self catheter thats what they called it that same nite after having surgery I was rushed back to the hospital because my bladder wasnt getting completely emptied and it was so painful I couldnt walk in the emergency they insertied a catheter with a bag and I immediately felt better and had to come home with that catheter since then I have went back to the Doc and he removed the catheter and said use it when I feel the need Im just now able to go a little bit but I am still off work which I cant afford cuz I am a single parent and I still use the catheter at nite when I feel like My bladder is full. dont know if this helps but its something to think about hope you get better @sidsegreen

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