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i;m scared, confused,!!!!!!!!

Posted by @mariekibbleryahoocom in Digestive Health, Jul 9, 2011

rupterd colon and bowel belly full of stool, she is in critical icu, on breathing tubes. in med induce coma. startiing earlyt signs of septic. very serious infection called periponits.
anyone out there experienced this? chances of survial?

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Posted by @jjp6466jennifer, Jul 13, 2011

i am hopeing that things are going ok for your loved one yes this is survivable my husband survived this please let me know how things are going it is a long road to go but you can do this


Posted by @maureenboblitt, Jul 14, 2011

I had both septic Shock & Perianitis,I survived both..Good Luck!!


Posted by @jenmankle, Jul 26, 2011

My dad had that 11 years ago and he is 58, doing very well. In ICU 8 days.


Posted by @hew, Aug 7, 2011

I was septic with Parvo virus of all things in 2002. And I survived. IV antibiotics and IV flushing with various types of meds. 10 days in an isolation / auto-immune room. I'm still here. Good luck to you. It is survivable! Keep your faith.


Posted by @margareto, Mar 27, 2012

I certainly will pray for you. Try to relax and hopefully everything will be alright. Many great doctors today and great help once they know what is wrong. bye for now. margareto

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