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Posted by angiekingiii @angiekingiii, Jan 4 1:38pm

I’m white as snow now I need to get my bronze colour back because I am so uncomfortable and very upset with my body I actually hate everything about myself and my skin its not me I’m not normal I’d like this fixed please

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Hi i @angiekingiii. Wow, sounds like things are not good for you at all right now. Can you tell me a bit more about what is going on? Have you been sick? What is causing this change in skin tone?


Hi @angiekingiii Welcome to Mayo Connect. I just want to remind you that we do have a code of ethics in the forum that has members being mindful with the use of offensive language. So you will notice that portion will be deleted from your discussion.
As far as being white as snow, there is little we can do to change our genetic make up. What I’m seeing with the photos you sent is a lovely young woman with her life ahead of her. You look healthy and vital.

When you say you want your bronze colour to return, what do you mean by that? Was this a summer tan or are you indeed losing your coloring? If so, that may require a trip to your physician to see if you’re anemic or suffering some underlying condition.
If it’s a matter of your not liking who you are in your skin right now, that will change as you feel more comfortable about yourself, mature and find who you are meant to be in this world. You’ll find your place and your peace.

It’s not unusual for young women to feel ‘less than’. It’s so easy to get caught up in photos of celebrities or seeing influencers online projecting the ‘perfect’ image of what is perceived to be normal. Most of these photos are touched up and manipulated or the models have been altered themselves to fit into an unrealistic image promoted by cosmetic and clothing lines.

I also remember being a young woman and hating how I looked. I think it comes with the territory. So I wore makeup which helped me feel better about myself. Looking at your pictures, you have very pretty features and really don’t need makeup. (Loving the button nose and whiskers ☺️)

If you want to have a natural glow, make sure you drink plenty of water, cut out the junk food and sugar. Keep your face clean and moisturized. Your skin will take on a natural luster. It may not be the bronze colour you want but that can also be enhanced with a minor application of a bronze blush for your cheeks and forehead area. You might want to stop at a department store or salon to have a professional help you pick just the right light makeup. I know the trend now is the heavy, flawless makeups…but again they’re not realistic.

Women don’t need to try that hard to be perfect! But we all fall to peer pressure at one time or another and lose our perspective. You are beautiful without without bronzing. But if it makes you feel better then that is fixable. What needs work on your end is building self confidence in who you are and want you want for yourself in life.
Stop comparing yourself to others
Surround yourself with positive people! It’s contagious.
Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, mediate and sleep
Be kind to yourself! Self praise in the mirror every day!
Face your fears. Then you can defeat them!
Do things you’re good at. It will encourage you to try more!
Accept failure and keep forging on. We learn through mistakes
Set realist goals for yourself.

Every day you have the opportunity to start fresh and think positively about yourself and your life.

What do you think? What is a positive change you can make?


Accept the way as you are, don’t change or try to do a drastic change that will bring consequence later.
Everybody is especial & Unique in one way or another, be happy & enjoy life.

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