PT 2x a week for very painful degenerative disc pinching

Posted by pedaboo @pedaboo, Feb 24, 2017

Anyone try chiropractors for this?

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I believe a chiropractor can help


Ask your Mayo provider about a portable TENS unit. It provided incredible relief to both me and my sister, both of who have the same disc problem as you have. It works as well as/better than therapy. Chiropractic also helped me, but you have to find someone reputable. The thing that helped the least was PT-actually made it worse for me. No luck with acupuncture, either. but everyone is different. Try the TENS unit. Instant relief!!


I strongly recommend Chiropractic care. But you have to ask questions at the initial consultation with a Chiropractor. What techniques they use to adjust? And most importantly, how that will help my situation?

Activator Methods is a gentle technique that has helped me – no harsh manual adjustments for me – I was in too much pain. Go to to find an Advanced Profiency Rated Activator Doctor in your area.

The laser treatment & Interferential treatment on my back, also helped reduce pain. But treating the root of the pain is what brings lasting relief.

Another treatment to ask your Chiropractor for is Spinal Decompression — please google & read about this because it makes a difference.

Good luck to you.


I am a continuing candidate for PT , with polio leg, neurogenic claudication and of some relief. Take few pain meds, more of topical use.


PT made my wife's worse. She was prescribed Oxycodone, a muscle relaxer, and even Morphine. She was in that much pain. A chiropractor who we have known for 30 years was a godsend and my wife felt relief after two visits. He used conventional techniques and the activator tool. Slow and steady was the treatment plan. We also bought an inversion table for about $180 from Amazon which the chiropractor recommended. Tens unit (we own) offered no help. I massaged her back and this helped loosen things up. My wife did initially go to a chiropractor who did not properly diagnose her pinched nerve at L5/S1. After an MRI and just moments away from a surgery consult, we sought out our old chiropractor. We presented him with the MRI and Xray images so he was well armed to properly diagnose my wife. He was the best choice and we avoided spine surgery.

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