I'm new here and desperate for answers. Breathing issues started 8 weeks ago

Posted by Lady Jag @ectiamzon, Jul 9, 2014

I’m new here and desperate for answers. This started almost 8 weeks ago after a jet skiing accident. I think I hit the boat before i went in the water when we capsized. It didnt hurt right after the incident. Two days after, I woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my lower right rib cage and difficulty in breathing. Pain meds alleviated the pain all day and disappeared. 5 days later, same pain and breathing difficulty and again went away with pain meds. It was on and off for a couple of weeks. Last week, the rib pain wasn’t as bad but my breathing difficulty was like having a bad asthma attack. And this time, the shortness of breath came more often and my heart beat was running high 98 to 105 – even when just sitting down or laying on bed. EKG ruled out heart attack, xray ruled out fractured ribs and pneumonia and asthma, blood test and CT scan has ruled out pulmonary embolism. I am now on an anti-anxiety meds to rule out stress but the attacks still come hard. Does anyone here know what can be going on ? I am also type 2 diabetic and my sugar levels have gone sky high since this started without any change in my diet. Exercise though has disappeared because of my breathing issues. Im stressing out and I know this is not helping. Has anyone been thru this ?

Hi @ectiamzon. I’m sorry to hear about your sudden pain. Here’s some in depth information on shortness of breath that might be helpful for you: http://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/shortness-of-breath/in-depth/SYM-20050890. Has anyone else experienced a situation like this?

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