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I experinced memory loss for the first time during a seizure

Posted by @bevyjean in Epilepsy & Seizures, Jul 25, 2012

I'm 32 yrs. Old, and thank evryone in my life for the miracles the I have. 4 great kids,and a wonderful man who stands with me no mater what. Since i was 9 yrs old I've had grand mal seizures. And last week I had a bad one. It was " diferent" I've never had a 4 day memory loss.evrything is like a patch work quilt,some is fog,imigaes or just thoughts. It's even things from a month ago! My dc. Isn't even returning my phone calls. I've gotten the nurse 3 times now. She's no help because she won't listen. I came across the site for the Mayo clinic. Is it a good clinic? Does any one know.


Posted by @natjj, Jun 6, 2013

It is the best. I started having seizures 3 years ago and since then I have been to mayo 3 times, once impatient in their epilepsy monitoring unit. No where have I experienced the level of care as I have at mayo. Docs call back, usually very quickly, they make so many resources available, and show their patients such respect. God bless you and I hope this helps.


Posted by @burlfish40, Oct 4, 2013

If your doctor wont communicate, get a new DOC. IF seizures are not controlled look for new Meds, there are many, many, many of both !!!!! Go for results not reputation, I tried that and almost died.

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