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I'm looking for a neuro psychologist to help me with my adult

Posted by @luvkids, Jul 26, 2012

I’m looking for a neuro psychologist to help me with my adult daughter who has alzheimers disease. I think I need a psychologist for myself also. I have been the main caretaker for 3-4 years before she was diagnosed a year ago. Having Down’s with alzheimer’s creates unique problems and I need help to get a plan of action for her care. I have spoiled her so she expects me to do whatever she wants. I’m tired.



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Posted by @piglit, Jul 26, 2012

Hiluvkids. So sorry that things are so difficult for you at this time. I am an aged care worker. I work with people with highcare needs. You need to get a support network in place for you as you know. Alzheimers on any main family carer as it progresses if very hard and it does become very exhausting. In australia we have carers who can come in and help in the home this may be something for you to look into as it will give you some time for you to rest and have some me time, which is so important. Take care here anytime you need to talk Piglit

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