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im diagnosed with high level of uric acid in my blood

Posted by @wadi, Oct 8, 2011

any natural remedy that can lower uric acid

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Posted by @debras, Oct 12, 2011

Look up gout

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Posted by @ernest, Oct 20, 2011

Someone told me cherries would work. But i tried it no luck. I’ve been taking Allopurinol for about a year now and i have no flare ups.

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Posted by @salsgals, Mar 23, 2012

An alkaline diet will do wonders for you. Google it. A friend of mine discovered that by simply elimating beer, coffee and drinking alkaline water, she reduced her episodes. I take 2 tart cherry capsules in the morning, with 1 T of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) each morning. It helps with the gout and also with pain from arthritis. Works wonders for me, and is easier than ibuprofin on my stomach. Good luck!

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