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I'm a mother of a 19 yr old girl who they can't " diagnose

Posted by @sandra70, May 11, 2012

Hi everyone, thankyou for reading my post. My 19 yr old daughter has been too put it midly a handful for the last 6 years, she has just been admitted for the 3rd time to a psychiatric unit I took her to the GP yesterday who told me she’s always fine when I see her, No she doesnt need a referal to Mental Health no she doesnt need medication, even after she stated she lied her way out of care lat time after 12hrs.
Whats her symptoms?
High/low in an instant can be laughing one minute then verbally abusive the next

inappropriate behaviour and reactions to situations eg can come into a crowded room and disclose something private and facebook

Total disregard to authority or rules abusive to police and anyone who says
something she doesn’t agree to

doesn’t appear to have the “gut” feeling you know the feeling you get when something doesn’t feel right this put her in dangerous situations and has even resulted in her being raped

Unable to maintain friendships and she always needs a boyfriend a is in love within a day

Yu can talk to her bout changing her situation then the following day its the same all over again

I believe there is a personality disorder but cant get her assessed I had a MH worker tell me today that it is in the way I speak to her because I do challenge her and don’t just give in

This is so heartbreaking to see because I cant help her and to her I am only mum when she wants something which is limited because I don’t say yes just to keep her happy

I have to take a hard line because she is 1 of 4 (by the way her older brother isn’t talking to me because I made a comment to his partner after the rape due to the fact her and my mother inlaw both knew and nether told my husband or myself cause she didn’t want to yet guess who it was left to take her 100miles for testing) 2nd oldest I have to take into consideration her actions on my younger children because it has caused emotional stress and bullying in the school yard

I know this may read as all about me but I am just at a loss what to do and how much more I can do I wold like to hear about similar experiences and how you coped in supporting your child your family and yourself


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