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I'm a divorced 55 year old female who finds herself living at [...]

Posted by @michlarue, Nov 20, 2013

I’m a divorced 55 year old female who finds herself living at home with now aging parents. I suffer from some depression but mainly, I have an Anxiety Disorder which can lead to the “dreaded” Panic Attacks! I’ve tried looking up help online but does anyone have any of the same problems that I’m facing? Life just looks a little scarey and bleak when I wake up every morning to the sound of one of my parents falling down and sometimes hurting themselves. I also suffer from a birth defect that has my right leg about seven inches shorter than the left, so I wear a brace or prosthesis to equal things out. I must say I do have some days when my parents ‘needs’ seem to be beyond what I can do for them. I just trying to stay out of “panic” mode since my financial situation is very messed up at the moment due to “Obama Care” or what EVER “care” the government is calling it now. But, I’m going in utter circles trying to get my Health Care in place since I am now on a disability. And, If ANYONE out there has tried to deal with our government at the moment, well…God Bless You, my friend, ’cause ‘it’s a JUNGLE out there! So, just wondering if anyone is going through the wringer and trying to stay out of panic mode, and keep your depression in check, while having a handicap, and dealing with the DHS offices, LET’S TALK!!! And OMG, after reading this message back to myself, I hope people understand that I AM trying to keep a sense of humor about it “all”.


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