I'm back on birth control and I am spotting.

Posted by bcoop @bcoop, Jul 14, 2022

So I went on birth control (depo provera) when i was 13. and i was on it until i was about 19 (21 now) and i had zero issues and almost zero side effects, but i ended up going off of it for two years just to experience a period because it had been so long not having one. ANYWAYS. i ended up getting pregnant within those two years i was off of it and i decided to have an abortion. after that i went back onto depo because i had always had a good experience with it and my period would stop completely while on it. Fast forward to now. i recently had sex with a new partner who gave me chlamydia and i was treated for it. but i am still experiencing light to heavy bleeding after sex, and just day to day in general. i have no idea if this is my birth control or a possible side effect of chlamydia or maybe i still have it ?? I feel like i SMELL way more than i normally would before i contracted chlamydia and i honestly just need to hear some similar experiences however they may relate to me. Love u girlies please lemme get some answers or solidarity or ANYTHING

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Hello @bcoop and welcome to Mayo Clinic. You have certainly experienced a lot these last two years and I can see how what you are going through now is cumbersome to figure out.

Let's see if we can start with me asking you when the last time you were seen to ensure your chlamydia has cleared?

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