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I'm a 61 yr. old female. I've always been very active. I've

Posted by @nana61, Apr 20, 2012

I’m a 61 yr. old female. I’ve always been very active. I’ve raised 2 children, have 4 grandchildren. Was married for 40 yrs. My husband passed away in 2010 from alcholism, my son passed away in Sept. of 2011. I know I’m depressed, loosing my son has devestated me. I would just like to be able to talk to someone who can understand how I feel and how to cope.



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Posted by @piglit, Apr 21, 2012

Hi nana61.Hi welcome to our community. We have a great support network here. You my dear have been through such a lot is a short time. First the lose of your husband and then the lose of your son. It is only natural for you too be feeling the way you do. Grief affects us all in different ways and we have to work through the different stages. When my dad passed I went into the anger side immediately, the sadness came later as time goes by,our minds let us remember the happy memories and the sadness slowly diminishes., never goes away though. It’s just the happy memories start to take over more. With the lose of your son, words can not express the sadness or feelings with the lose of a child. I too lost a son, he lives within me each and everyday and always will, the sadness is imense. But remember that your son wouldn’ t want you to be sad but to remember him with love as you do. It is good to talk to someone. I have a great family dr . a councellor is another option. There are also grief counsellors who are trained in this field. Take on step at a time my dear, I have suffered anixety and depression for so many years. Give yourself the time to heal and try to rest , but most of all take the time just for you. Always here if you need to talk . Take care Piglit

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