I'm a 21 year old male. I have had muscle soreness for [...]

Posted by Questionare @questionare, Jan 23, 2015

I’m a 21 year old male. I have had muscle soreness for about two months, that feels like I have just literally worked out even though I haven’t.

It’s present 24/7 in my right deltoid muscle, right triceps, bicep and in my right leg usually in my calf, shin, thigh and right buttock muscle. It’s milder than the actual soreness that you get after exercise, and I usually feel it when i relax and tense the muscles (especially when standing on my right leg etc). There is no tenderness when I touch the muscles.

I have no muscle weakness as both of my arms and legs are equally strong when I lift weights. However, during and after exercise the affected side of my body does feel a bit sorer than usual. My workouts are light and I haven’t experienced any injuries in the past 3 months.

In addition, I have single twitches all over my body a couple of times a day. Also, every now and then I have deep muscle/bone pains in my right arm and leg that aren’t severe, but their duration varies from a couple of seconds to a couple of hours.

Finally, there’s a slight weird sensation in my ring finger on my right hand that feels a bit like the muscle soreness except it’s barely noticeable. It usually comes and goes when I rest my hand on the computer mouse.

I’ve seen my doctor a couple of times, I’ve had a few blood test, also blood tests to check the thyroid, and an MRI of the brain and cervical spine. All of them came out clear. My doctor isn’t worried, however, I am and I would like to know what tests I should suggest next time I see him, to rule out anything serious and maybe even find out what the root cause is.

Has anyone try determining if you have trigger points of pain to dx fibromyalgia? I know it sounds like a crap dx but with treatment it can really be helped and it seems to be hard to dx. I have it and don’t do much about it as I have other worse pain conditions, but it’s the only one my mom has and I can see that it can cause quite severe pain. It was also the first pain disorder I got dxed with and it was painful.

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