I lost an ovary

Posted by gramma22 @gramma22, Apr 4 11:44am

Many years ago i had my uterus removed then the following my ovaries were removed. They said the ovaries were bleeding and not looking good. after the surgery she said she could not find one of my ovaries. I can tell you she was telling the truth about looking everywhere. I have had changing bowel habits for two-three years. Having to keep adding more laxatives. Dr told me after my colonoscopy that there was still stool and so did not get to see it all. Had a CT scan and they found many cancer nodes and this was not the origin. Pet scan next. Say negative but the same thing shows up but not as cancer. Could the lost ovary be causing these problems.

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@gramma22 We aren’t medical professionals here on Mayo Clinic Connect so I cannot answer your question if the ovary that wasn’t found many years ago is now involved in your symptoms. I understand that you are worried and confused by your symptoms and the results of the scans and the colonoscopy. Did you ask your doctor the question about the ovary? You wrote that the CT shows “cancer nodes”. Did your doctor tell you what that means? My CT and a PET scan I had in 2021 showed nodes in my lungs and a node on my thyroid and these are being watched. However the radiologist who read my scans and my doctors have told me that these are not cancer.

Can you describe where the nodes are in your body according to the CT and PET scans? Also are you worried that your constipation is caused by colorectal cancer?

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