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Illness for kids with asthma

Posted by @rylananna43 in About Kids & Teens, Sep 20, 2012

My son has pnemonia right now. My friend who has 3 kids brought her sick kids over to my house last week and didn't mention to me that they were sick. After she left, her daughter basically coughed up a lung cookie. Then her other 2 kids began coughing. She knows my son has asthma/compromised immune system and gets sick easily. I have made this clear numerous times. He starts sniffling, then has a minor cough, then right into asthma induced croup, then 3 days later he has pnemonia. This is the pattern. We have been through this numerous times. Our pediatrician/allergist knows the drill. I have her on speed dial - she has become a good friend from all the visits. She is proactive with treatment and we have an asthma action plan. My question is this: how do I get it across to my friends just how serious my son's asthma is? Why does it feel extremely disrespectful that people don't take this seriously? Again and again they expose my son to their sick kids (who should be at home) and others by allowing them to go to school/activities/church. My daughter does not have asthma and recovers quickly from colds and viruses. However, if she brings it home... my son gets it and we start the cycle again. I know kids need to get sick to build up their immune system, but how do you cope with constant illness when your child gets SOOO sick from the common cold? So frustrating that parents don't recognize the need to keep their own sick children home. I feel like i need a new set of friends that "get it". Individuals who understand the whole situation and are supportive. Any suggestions?

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Posted by @lain59, Oct 14, 2012

How very selfish, callous and typical of others. My sons have severe asthma.


Posted by @celica741yahoocom, Dec 16, 2012

I agree....i feel like nobody get this! so dissapointing:(


Posted by @lain59, Dec 16, 2012

People are basically selfish, idiotic etc...My son was dating a girl whom I was NOT informed was epileptic, homicidal, suicidal, bipolar 1, and a sociopath!

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