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I'll try this again, my computer is acting really weird. Anyway, last

Posted by @marylynette in Just Want to Talk, Jun 2, 2012

I'll try this again, my computer is acting really weird. Anyway, last Monday I went to Mayo and saw three docs. The cardiologist assured me I do not have congestive heart failure, however, there is a problem with the heart that is somehow related to the fluid imbalance in my body and so when I am off of the clonodine they are going to put me on a heart monitor for 24 hours, by blood pressure fluctuates so much that it gives me really severe head r.rushes even when sitting.....He said it is related to the fluid instability in my body and that somehow this needs to be resolved. The kidney doctor wanted me to drink a gallon of fluids a day, and when my output goes below 500 cc he said to just schedule an appointment for an IV at the infusion center. This plan was not something I ws going to agree to, so I was merely polite, thanked him, an


Posted by @marylynette, Jun 2, 2012

to continue, I then went to see my main doc. He was fantastic,. He said there was no way he expected me to drink a gallon of fluid a day and still need IV hydration....he said he would arrange for a port or line to be implanted and that I had been ri hght alll along when I said I did not see how they expected my body to suddenly adjust to no fulids after 5 years of daily hydration. He called the chief vascular surgeion at mayo do discuss my case and this man, whom I have never met, said that there was no way someone with the rapid transit time I have could be ecpected to keep my body properly hydrated without regular IV hydration, and that they needed to get a port in me witihin the next 14 days. On Monday I report to Mayo at 10 AM and am having a port implanted by a vascular surgeion, and they are the ones who will follow me because they believe that it is best for them to be in charge of implanted ports that are for the rest of the pateints life. The port will have two lumens so that I will never have to be stuck for blood tests, he said anyone with alll the difficulties I have had need not be poked anymore if a port is in place. My doc said that much of this is because of my insistance that he put into my record the fact that the constrast fluid for my recent ultra sound went through me in 10 minutes, not the normal 45-60/. this fact alone had every doc saying that it was no wonder I could not hydrate or absorb so many things. They have also come to understand why I must stay on the EmSam whcih is considered a last resort anti depressant, and the whole team said that Lortab, in a very small dose, taken regularly, will not harm kidneys or lliver and will control the pain from the rapid transit and from the many, oh so many, adhesions which flourish in my gut after the major surgeries I have had.
Needless to say I am thrilled, and happy, for evenb though I must give up my beloved up to the chin baths I will be able to start living a more normal life again. Hallelujah, the Lord has finally answered my prayers.

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