Ileostomy leaks and skin care

Posted by liegeman @liegeman, Nov 29, 2020

I have had an ileostomy since August 20. I continue to have leaks, sometimes as often as twice a day. I have used Hollister (many different types of wafers, a barrier ring, film barrier swabs, stoma powder, and stoma paste). I have also tried Coloplast. The more leaks, the more inflamed the skin becomes, and it turns into a vicious circle. I would appreciate any advice from those who have experienced leaks and ultimately found a solution.

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Make sure the skin is very dry and that you have the correct hole size of the appliance (I get mine precut). Then, I hold the appliance under my arm for several minutes to warm it up and use the ring paste before applying the appliance. Then I place my hand over the appliance with the bag attached for a short time. I also use a spray on skin conditioner (and wait a few seconds for it to dry) instead of the powder, which I found reduces the adhesion. Also drain the bag regularly, especially if your stool is watery.


Not sure the ileostomy will take the pain away. I have sporadic pain from the surgery for almost 6 years now. However, I have been told this is not a common occurrence.

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I agree it does not take the pain completely away. Right now I have pain on my left side. I had the diarrhea but it is starting to form some. When that happens is when I get this pain

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