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IFAcoustic Neuroma for the 3rd time !

Posted by @beehale, Oct 9, 2012


My name is Barb. I live in Michigan and I have an acoustic neuroma that won’t quit. Literally ! I had sugery in December 2006. My tumor had doubled in size in 3 months and had to be removed. He didn’t remove the entire tumor because he was trying to save my hearing without disturbing the nerve. Well it didn’t work. So 2 yrs later it started growing AROUND the nerves toward the facial nerve. At this point due to the locality I had to opt for the Gamma Knife ! Best choice ever because it relieved all the after affects of the surgery. Now at 50 I am having to make the decision again. Do I go with Surgery and get it out once and for all ? and learn to live with the headpressure and the headaches on a daily basis. Or do I go with the Gamma Knife and see if it stops it again and hope that it doesn’t start to grow again. My luck with this has not been good and my luck in general is not that good either. If I could have both I would do it in a heart beat but that’s not an option (I’m sure the insurance company would jump on that band wagon in a minute!) Any suggestions would be welcome please !! I go to the Dr again on Nov 13th I’ll keep checking back 🙂 Thanks for reading this !

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Posted by @sooter, Dec 30, 2012

Hi Barb. I have an acoustic neuroma too. Just found out Dec. 13 2012. Looking at the long journey for correcting the matter. Any advice?

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