ICD help!

Posted by suscros68 @suscros68, Apr 13, 2019

I was laying down last night, when I moved my left arm there was a sharp pain in ICD area. Almost like it was catching. I don't believe it was a shock, I have had those. Anyone ICD cause pain. I called Dr and all he said was check in on Mon. I pace 100% and can't afford to have defibrillator not work.

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Hi, i had a pacemaker for many years until my transplant. But except for shocks the device itself only caused a bit of itching on occasion and not bad. But are you monitored on your bedside with a remote device? I was told that if the pacemaker malfunctioned in any way your monitoring company would alert the dr office. My first thought is maybe the device shifted a bit.


Hi. Yeah, I wondered if it moved, but it's painful. I'll send a transmission today. I've also been severely fatigued and light headed so it makes me wonder


I have one (100 % pacing also) and get all kinds of pains, pulling etc… It even feels like it’s moving around to the point that I can feel and see the connections by touching there. I went to Dr to have it checked out, and in my case, it was caused by muscles and nerves in and around the unit. It can be quite painful and uncomfortable, but in my case not worth another surgery to move.
If you have been shocked before and know what feels like, and if you know battery is good ( from having device checked in recent past months) I would just go talk to Dr on Monday, as long as you don’t notice any other symptoms that there may be problem with heart itself.
Just my opinion!


Ok thanks for sharing

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Hi. I was pacing 100% as well as, prior to my heart transplant. One night I felt as if my ICD had moved. I called and they suggested going to the ER for an xray to see if the device had moved since it was implanted. All the leads and the device were still in place but they discovered an atrial flutter which did not subside until I was cardio-verted back into regular sinus rhythm. I would not have known about the flutter – it's not fib- if I hadn't gone in. So I was lucky. Also when I had my trans plant – one year and a half after this event – the surgeon who removed my ICD told me that the device was not fully in its pocket. While the earlier xray showed that it was stil in situ, its position had changed. This is not to frighten you but rather to say that you are always correct to call and have someone check on your device. I 'm sure all will go well for you.

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