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Posted by @mamamiamandy in Digestive Health, May 11, 2012

I had a colonoscopy today and they told me I have IBS. I have suffered for months with episodes of violent diarrhea and vomitting. I am wondering what are some steps I can take to make this improve.


Posted by @jessiecms, May 26, 2012

I feel for you. I remember hearing, in a drug-filled haze, the word "normal" when I was waking up from my colonoscopy. I wanted to cry. I have severe symptoms and nothing has given me much relief. My regular doctor has been treating it (or trying to) for a few months, but I think I'll go back to the gastro to get medicine that only he can prescribe (I can't think of the name right now, but it's on the Mayo Clinic site about IBS). Lomodal has helped a bit. Have you tried it? Also, you could try Marinol for the nausea, though it makes you pretty spacy (or it did me--my doc won't give it to me anymore.) Good luck to you! let me know if you find something that works!


Posted by @joyce22w, Jun 1, 2012

I too have been struggling with IBS for numerous years and I left it unattended and now deal with diverticulitis. Don’t do this… treat yourself NOW!

If not taken care of you eventually will end up with some kind of surgery to remove the pouch’s that is causing the pain and inflammation.

I had what was called hand assisted sigmoid (literally cutting you open and pulling out your colon/intestine and cutting it off) in December 2009. Can I say it was easy? No. Do I feel better? Yes. Unfortunately I was advised after surgery that it wasn’t only in the lower part of the colon as originally thought I have pockets all through the colon/intestine.

I stay on a strict diet of no raw vegetables, no fresh fruit, no peanuts, pop-corn, any thing with a hull, no spice (salt and pepper are my best friend), no hot items, as in salsa, green peppers (any peppers), no salads, the list is endless. Is it hard? Yes. I have sampled a few of the above only to pay a dear price for it and it’s not worth the pain. If I chose to go back to the old habits then I chose to have all of my colon/intestine removed.

Because you seem to be in the early stages, you could follow the above listed for items not to eat a couple of weeks to get our IBS under control. Then you can slowly add an item back. If this item irritates your system mark it off the list for awhile.

Trust me; don’t be as stubborn as I was as I lived on mashed potatoes and baby food way too long. If you can get a hold of it in the early stages life will be so much better.

I wish you luck and surf the net for list of items that can help. Give it a try…..


Posted by @melaniewa, Jun 1, 2012

I suffered from nausea and vomiting which is now under good control. In the early days it was awful, and to begin with no one could figure out what was going on. Mayo Clinic were unable to help me, and all of my tests kept coming back normal.

I found a great physician in NC who has been able to get to the bottom of my issues (which turned out to be motility related). My doctor is an IBS specialist, Dr. Drossman ( - he is excellent. I highly recommend him and he will work with you over time to get to the bottom of things.


Posted by @healthsearch, Jun 2, 2012

I am a Crohn's patient that was discovered 50 years after my problem started when I was about 14. First symptom was acid in my stomach and later many symptoms including headache, pain, and memory problems. IBS have similar qualities. I learned that if you clean the liver all symptoms stops. I was treated in Italy with shots of Methionine, B12, and Vitamin K and had no symptoms for over two years. At the time I was 15 years old and now 67 and dealing with the same problems. The American doctors are uneducated in the nutrition area.
I was in The Vitamin Shop and read the ingredients and purchased a bottle for experiment and it worked great. I had a lot of problems especially lately and I am treating my self in the last few months with Liver Support Factors vitamins by Country Life. I can eat any disturbing foods and the pills makes the symptoms go away. I am looking for a doctor who is educated to know and understand that a clean liver stops most of the problems that the body have. I am also suffering from a lot of muscular pain and these pills are taken them away.


Posted by @karma, Jun 9, 2012

I think you should go elsewhere for a second opinion. My son was not accurately diagnosed at our local hospital. We went to the University of Michigan where they immediately could diagnose him from his colonoscopy slides from the first hospital. Does the IBS stand for inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel disease? If it is the first, you need to go elsewhere soon. If it is the second, I think it is a catch all diagnosis for when they don't know what else to say. So please go somewhere else and get a second opinion so you can get on the road to health 🙂 Oops! Forgot to mention that his diagnosis is ulcerative colitis. He has had one minor and one major flare. The last one put him in the hospital for five days. When he has the flare, his diarrhea turns to blood because the colon is getting rid of its outer layer. He also develops nausea and vomiting. That is when we headed down the road for an hour drive to the university's ER. Please dig deeper for your diagnosis and do not accept fraudulent excuses for a diagnosis!

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