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Posted by @awanishibs77 in Digestive Health, May 2, 2012

I am suffering from IBS for last 20 years as after taking the food in 1 pm lunch my stomachs is bloating and feel huge amount of gas and I never feel any burn or pain only its bloating and upto 8 pm i do not feel hungry and i take sleep after left side turn so passes odorless huge amount of gas.
And i feel 3-4 times toilet .


Posted by @bettyann, May 4, 2012

I am wondering if you are taking a good brand of probiotics. I have a feeling this would help you with all the gas... Don't settle for cheap ones, they smply are not as effective. A very good brand (and I know there are other good ones, too) is Garden of Life's "Primal Defense"...ultra. If this is not available to you, ask someone in a health food store for a recommendation.
Also, have you tried what they call an 'elimination diet' in which you stop eating certain food items, one at a time, for at least a week...and see if it makes a difference? I know that too much white flour, sugar, and all milk products can trigger my IBS.
Good luck to you!


Posted by @awanishibs77, Oct 27, 2012

Thanks for your response, what is Primal defense , is it medicine ? in my case when i leave wheat and milk so i get relief from huge GAS and also i feel good hole day . please suggest any medicine in Ayurveda or homeopath.


Posted by @bettyann, Oct 27, 2012

Hi there. Glad you wrote. Primal Defense is a product that you can buy online or in health food/ vitamin store. It is a high quality capsule form. I take either those or the PB8 probiotic capsules. They both keep 'good' bacteria in your colon and to me, are one of the best things you can take. here is something else I have recently discovered. I stopped eating ALL grains for awhile: wheat, rice, oats, barley...ALL of them. Using 'gluten free' products didn't help me one single bit...not at ALL.
I now am allowing myself to have some...but not much...RICE... Its been about a month now and I can't tell you how much BETTER I feel. Once in a great while I will have diarrhea...but nothing like before. Also..the slight pain I always had in my ower abdomen has gone away. Once in a great while I will 'cheat' a little bit 🙂 and have something with wheat in it... and that is ok... but in order to HEAL it might take at least two weeks away from all grain products.
I limit my milk products, too. I would keep an eating chart and then mark off your 'bad' days and what you had to eat.
Good luck to you, Awanish. Please feel free to write anytime.


Posted by @bettyann, Oct 27, 2012

OH...forgot to add this: Arsenicum Album is a homeopathic that I find helps me quite a bit. There should also be some 'combination homeo' products at a vitamin store.

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