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Posted by Anonymous-142ca887 in Digestive Health, Jul 7, 2012

I have irritable bowel syndrome w/diarrhea. It is very distressing as it sometimes keeps me from doing the things I want to do. What do you do
for IBS if you have it?

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Posted by @anon81082521, Jul 9, 2012

Try a diet high in fiber. It'll bulk up your BMs. Besides that, just watch what you eat. If it bothers you, don't eat it


Posted by @cbahoskie, Jul 9, 2012

Enteric coated peppermint oil. Good for bowel spasms in some. Take one capsule twice a day

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Posted by @yodaforever, Jul 19, 2012

I'm in the same boat, changing diet really helped, but stress is also a major factor. Stress is always a trigger for me. I do eat high fiber cereals in the morning with soy, as I find milk can irritate. My doctor prescribes dicetel to help out with the symptoms. Stay away from greasy crap and try not to over eat. I find over eating is also another trigger.

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Posted by @bettyann, Jul 19, 2012

Dear Anon,

So sorry that you, too, are bugged with this. Its no fun! You COULD keep a food diary of absolutely everything you put in your mouth during the course of the day...even if its just one bite of something. Then at the end of the day's chart ... write how your IBS was on that many, what kind, pain level, and anything you think is connected with it. You might have to do this for several weeks before you see a pattern of what food is connected with a 'bad day.'

I take the homeopathics: Arsenicum Album plus another homeo by BHI--simply called for Diarrhea...they DO help me most of the time. I take Yerba Prima Psyllium husks every nite at bedtime...1 level tablespoon in 6 oz of water. Sometimes I takes Cats Claw herbs with each meal... this really helps me at times. When my bowels are just achey, I take several Slippery Elm and Marshmallow capsules...this helps remove the pain within a day's time, usually. I avoid Rx drugs if at all possible. But you have to do what you feel is right for you, regardless of what anybody says.

I agree with people who say that STRESS is a big trigger... I know its hard NOT to worry about your IBS... but still, we at least have the comfort of knowing its not a terminal disease! 🙂 .... Good luck to you!


Posted by @bettyann, Jul 19, 2012

Just wanted to add: Do let ANYONE tell you --'professional' or not ... that you will ALWAYS have IBS...this is NOT true. There are times I go for weeks without any kind of problems...and I know one lady who simply got over her IBS after putting up with it for several years. It's usually what we "BELIEVE" that will come true for us... so keep thinking the best thoughts!


Posted by @susieqpants, Jul 23, 2012

I have Ulcerative Colitis which is an IBD. I think the others have good suggestions, keep a diary of your diet for a couple of weeks and you will begin to see patterns. Along with that diet I would track you mood and sleep patterns, and this also can have an effect.

Have you tried probiotics? There are over the counter pills that help the digestive tract.

After time you will see what works and what doesn't. I have discovered that I can't have alcohol and haven't drank for many years, and also carbonation can affect it as well, so if you drink carbonated drinks pay attention to that.

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