Ibd caused by omeprazole?

Posted by emmabell @emmabell, Dec 1, 2022


I’ve been on omeprazole for a year because of stubborn reflux issues caused by another medication.

About 5 months ago I started getting bowel cramps and had to run to the toilet several times a day. I read that Omeprazole can cause bowel inflammation and some tests did show mild inflammation of my bowel, so I halfed the dosage of Omeprazole.

My bowel issues calmed down but I never fully recovered. Recently it got worse again and I did more tests and I was diagnosed with IBD.

I’m still on 10mg of Omeprazole and tried to explain to my dr that I think they might have caused this but he didn’t seem interested.

Do you guys think my IBD might improve if I get off the Omeprazole or is the damage already done?

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Time will tell. You can't do more.
I have been on omo for years and the past two years having extremely loose stools three times a day. Many, many test brought up nothing. Finely I received a test whare as my liver number was up. So I took a chance and am taking it only once a day and after some time it seems to be much better so far. Hang in there and stay tuned.


My understanding is you cannot be on it for a long time. My doctor just put me on it and said only for a month. You should research this and ask your doctor or get another opinion.


Been there. Dangers of not using omo were greater than the gerd itself.

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