Early menopause: How do you manage osteopenia?

Posted by smcguire @smcguire, Mar 30, 2016

I went through early menopause at 35 (along with my birth mother and birth grandmother). I am now 47 and have osteopenia in my hip and my spine (I do have osteopenia in L2 and L3). I am taking estrogen and my doctor now started me on Fosomax. I eat healthy, take calcium and vitamin K2. I exercise and wear a weighted vest when I walk my dogs. I am also seeing a physical therapist. I feel very overwhelmed. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who went through menopause so young and what they are doing about it?

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Hi @smcguire, and welcome to Connect. Kudos to you for taking charge of your health. Still it can be overwhelming at times and can feel like it’s never enough. For moments like these, it helps to talk with others who are travelling the same path.

I’m tagging two Connect members, @cbs61752 and @salledell, who talk about being diagnosed with osteopenia in other threads and @opeiusdei777 who exercises with a weighted vest and follows a bone healthy diet. I’m also tagging @essence10 and @hartsada9265 who participated in a discussion on early menopause quite some time ago. Hopefully they’ll join you here in this thread.

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@smcguire, It must be great to have your dogs when taking care of yourself gets tough. They keep you walking which is good for body and soul I bet.



Yes, I went through osteoporosis in my 40,s as well. I was at the beginning stages of it in my back. My grandmother had osteoporosis so I tell all of the women in my family to get a Bone Density Test at 40. I also tell them to take vitamin D in their 30’s. I took Fosamax for 2 years and then I took another Bone Density test and passed with flying colors.

Actually, my GYN sent me to take a Bone Density test this past January since I took one over 10 years ago and I still passed with flying colors. NO SIGNS of it!! Just continue to eat healthy, take your medicines (Fosamax and Citracal or Caltrate) and you will be fine. I buy Caltrate from BJs because you get a lot for a cheaper price.

Stay strong and healthy!!!

Patience, Perseverance, Faith and Prayer.


Sorry I talked about Osteoporosis!!

I’m am going through menopause as we speak. Hot flashes, coldness, very cold, night sweats you name it, but the best thing about it NO MENSTRUATION!!! “YES” 🙂

It’s just another phase in our lives that we go through. I take it one day at a time and do my best to always eat healthy. My sister is 46 and she is also going through menopause now.

You will be fine!!

Patience, Perseverance, Faith and Prayer.


I’m 39 and just had a bone density test that showed -2.4 in my hips. I actually thought it would be better, rather than worse than the heel bone density i had at the health fair (-2.2). My spine isn’t as bad. I started taking calcium with vit D. Looking to see someone beyond the PCP soon.

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