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I went on a cruise in October 2009. Last day out I

Posted by @meme123, Dec 18, 2011

I went on a cruise in October 2009. Last day out I got fever 104. Icouldn’t get any ait to breath and felt like I was dying. My sister called the doctors line and the nurse came to the cabin to examine me. She immediately paged the ships doc. After the ships doctor got through with his jog he came to the ships clinic where the nurse had wheeled me in a wheel chair. He said he thought I had bronchitisis. I started throwing up. He gave me a anit nausea shot and an antibotic shot. When I got home the next day I keep getting worse. After the second day at home and my children couldn’t get in touch with me they came to the house and immeditely took me to the er. This is a country community er. I still had fever 104 and already had fibromyalga. At first they said I might have leagionaires disease. Put me in quarentine. Nothing they did worked. I had a lot of blood in my urine also. I kept having trouble breathing. They said I was having panic attacks. I questioned this because I have had plenty of panic attacks. They don’t last 24-7 though. Finally they came up with secondary adrenial insuffiency. After 3 weeks in hospital I was sent home. I didn’t have fever any more but still feel horrible. I have had 7 back fractures since then and am going to pain management. Doesn’t get rid of pain and I know I will never feel 30m again, but I just want to find out what is really wrong. I have been to 2 interenal docs and an endro doc. They endo doc can’t run any test until I am off steriods. never have any energy to get dressed. Can’t stand this life sitting all day long because my heart races to 148 when I start walking. Pain man gave me a spine block and I felt normal again for 3 weeks and then everything went back to the way it was. Now the inter. doc says I have sheeshans syndrome. Does anyone have this or have had these problems. My abdomen swells all the time and hurts constantly/


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