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I welcome all to my profile

Posted by @janisum in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Feb 26, 2012

Hi to all- I am new to this community so I want to invite anyone to visit my profile and health conditions. If you want to share, please do.
My chronic major depression and fatique are the most affecting illnesses in my life since I do not respond to medication therapy. But I invite anyone to connect with me on any of the illnesses I listed as they do have a definate effect. I would like to know I'm here on this community for myself and (for others as well.)

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Posted by @roxie43, Feb 26, 2012

Welcome you'll find you are not alone and in good company. We support one another and it's wonderful
you should be proud of yourself for looking for other forms of support! "


Posted by @piglit, Feb 26, 2012

I also would like to welcome you. We do support each other and remember we are always here to help if we can Piglit


Posted by @stomachonfire, Feb 27, 2012

Hi! I'm Sharon and live in Arkansas. I am experiencing a gastritis flare right now. This is terrible. I'm a full-time college student and am looking for people that are experiencing the same problem. I welcome any advice on gastritis or ulcerative colitis. All replies are welcome! Thanks!


Posted by @jodi, Mar 21, 2012

Hello! I am also new here. I have arthritis and spinal surgery 2 years ago which left me with nerve damage in my leg. Since then I have had anxiety depression and panic attacks. I can only drive short distances so I sometimes feel depedant. Husband does best to understand but people do not understand anxiety unless they have it especially panic. Sometimes it embarrass's me. Thank you for listening.


Posted by @janisum, Mar 21, 2012

Jodi- You're not alone here! Are you on any medication for the anxiety? It can be such a detriment to the heart. I wsih you the best


Posted by @jodi, Mar 21, 2012

Thank you janisum. I take antidepressants and panic med but sometimes I feel a little embarrassed especially if you gp to a new doctor and you hope that they are not judging your condition on the meDS YOUR ON. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS REMAINS A stigma with some people. If someone is on Psyche mess it does not mean they are crazy or. To quote an old expression it must all be in her head. This might make a good discussion topic. Psyche mess and "labeling" people. Any bites?


Posted by @piglit, Mar 21, 2012

Hi Jodi just wanted to welcome you. Nothing to feel embarrased about. We all have to take different medications for many different things. I have always suffered anixety from a very young age and also experienced panic attacks, depression set in later in life. I have always considered myself to be no different from anyone else and always try to make people feel as if there no different from anyone else. I am in my fifty's now so have seen situations and experienced much of the stigma attached. Try to ignore as much as you can. Stay positive is a good trait that I have found has helped me. Be proud to be who you are. Take care always here if you need to talk.


Posted by @janisum, Mar 26, 2012

Maybe you misunderstood my statement about the heart? I worded it wrong, perhaps. I was referring to our muscle, the heart. If stress or anxiety is a struggle, I strongly believe in medicating it. I'm sure you do too. Thanks for commenting, Jodi.


Posted by @leland, Mar 22, 2012

Hi, janisum. I've been depressed since I was 4. On meds of one form or another for 40 yrs. Haven't gotten any better really, but I'm high functioning. I've recently gotten worse and decided I can't take it anymore. So, next week I am giving ECT a try. I hope I'm making the right decision, but I feel if I am ever going to have a chance at happiness, I've got to give it a go.

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Posted by @piglit, Mar 22, 2012

Hi Leland sorry that youv'e been having so many up and downs in your life. So proud of you for taking a further step with the ECT. I have suffered anixety froma very young age and depression later in life. Please read Roxie's post on Ect you may find that it wil help you. Take care Piglit Here if you need to talk


Posted by @leland, Mar 23, 2012

Thanks, piglit. It's nice not to be alone.


Posted by @piglit, Mar 23, 2012

no worries, also remember that you are not alone and never will be Take care Piglit


Posted by @janisum, Mar 26, 2012

Please let me know how the ECT's go. I had a round of them in 1999. I hope they help you and wishing you happiness


Posted by @leland, Mar 27, 2012

thanks, janisum. I'm not too facile negotiating blogs, but did ECT no work for you?


Posted by @china, Mar 23, 2012

You all seem nice. New here and depressed about medications for this because I don't like the side effects. Give and take I'm told. Didn't have much of a sexual drive before but now obsolete
any idea's


Posted by @dianagilbert, May 21, 2012

hi, i can relate to your disorder, i have ptsd, cronic. anxiety and depression, severe. i have had this for 20 years, and have done reserch for twenty years. i have been on every medication there is. the only thing that has worked for me is effexor xr, antidepressant, xnax, anxiety, trazadone antidepressant used for insomnea. your problem will get worst, as time goes on you must be on medication or you will just exist not live. janisum, i hope this will healp in some way . sincerely, diana

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