Recently diagnosed with a brain tumor

Posted by kelimarie @kelimarie, Feb 23, 2016

I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. I don’t want to go see any more doctors I don’t want to involve my family I want to forget about it. Am I heartless?? Im a mommy of five. I dont want to scare them. I’m a wife and I see how much this hurts my husband to watch. To see me having seizures or loss of motor skills. I just want it to go away. I don’t know what to do.

Hi again @kelimarie,
This is a great place to share with others I’d like to introduce also to @Jackiewizardof, @major and @sue_in_delaware.

You can also join the discussions in the Brain Tumor group.

I can understand how you just want to forget it all. Life has dealt you an unfair punch in the gut. It’s not right. But I caution about shutting your loved ones out. They’re scared too. Are you able to talk about the tough stuff with your partner?

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You sound so desperate and in despair 🙁 How many doctors and tests have you had? You say your husband seems hurt and has seen your seizures and loss of motor skills. Do you have other family or friends to help with this? Does he?
What is the treatment plan? How long has this been going on, you only say that “recently” you’ve been diagnosed with a brain tumor ?

Sending hugs and healing thoughts and prayers,

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