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I was in an auto accident 4 weeks ago and fractured 4

Posted by @mjsoller in Just Want to Talk, Sep 12, 2012

I was in an auto accident 4 weeks ago and fractured 4 ribs on one side. I think they were healing, but today I had to pull up myself with the car roof handle in order to get in and I have severe pain again in the area of two of the fractures. I'm wondering if its posible to refracture yourself by doing what I did


Posted by @piglit, Sep 12, 2012

Hi mjsoller Sorry about your accident. I have heard that ribs can be so very painful and take time to heal. I am a care worker and if you can try to get into the car via a sitting position and then swing your legs in. You may need some help but it would take the pressure from using the roof handle.Would also be a good idea to let your dr know that you have felt pain whilst doing this. You can also have a handle fittted into your car to assist you as well. Take care and please let me know how you get along you'll be in my thoughts and I hope the pain eases for you soon. Piglit

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