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I was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder in March, 2011, after complaining of [...]

Posted by @glades2, Dec 26, 2013

I was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder in March, 2011, after complaining of severe muscle spasms and after a blood test was found to be in renal failure. After being admitted to a local hospital I was found to have 3,000 cc’s of urine (!) in my bladder (30 times the normal amount) and after the urine was drained with a foley my renal failure blood numbers returned to normal (thank the Lord) – but I have been with a foley ever since, due to my inability to self-catheterize and not being able to urinate when the foley has been removed for several hours at a time. Three (3) urodynamic tests all showed either little or poor nerve function and each time a diagnosis of neurogenic bladder, treated with intermittent self-catheterization was indicated.

In 2012 3 separate MRI’s of the spine showed nothing of consequence, however normal x-rays in 1998 showed lumbar or sacral spina bifida (I was recently told the MRI’s only show spina bifida as it affects the spinal cord).

I currently have a script for a brain MRI (I have a strong degree of claustrophobia), so that’s the final step to determine if anything in the brain is causing this terrible problem. After 3 years some might think it’s too late for my bladder, but I use a foley plug for a certain amount of time every day (from 30 minutes to several hours), so my bladder does fill on a daily basis, but in the end it seems to not to be MS as earlier thought, but a combination of some type of nerve damage due to spina bifida and increasing age (I’m in my late 50s), that combined with poor bladder management issues on my part that caused the bladder to increase in size over the years to the point that my nerves were damaged.

At this point to be frank I’m depressed over the entire issue and tired of what this problem has brought -guess it’s mostly my fault, because my kidneys still do not tolerate too much fluid intake well (eye puffiness and leg pain), so my own carelessness probably damaged my bladder and kidneys and I’ll have to live with the result…

If someone asked my biggest regret, it was thinking that urination is something that can be delayed for hours at a time – at work I’d have the urge to go at 2 p.m. but would wait until I arrived home – some 3 hours later…



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