Simple partial seizures and smelling smoke

Posted by mountainhiker @mountainhiker, Apr 6, 2016

I was diagnosed 2 months ago with simple partial seizures. I am 70. I had 2 episodes of smelling smoke that wasn’t present. An MRI was normal but my EEG showed “abundant bi-temporal sharp waves.” I may have had these seizures for at least a year as the first time I had the smell was about a year ago. I attributed it to silent migraines which I have also had for many years. I am taking Trileptol (the generic version) Since starting the meds I had some other “weird” things happen, such my tongue feeling heavy and having trouble forming the letter “s,” and feeling a heightened awareness in my hands and the right side of my head. I do not see my neurologist for 2 more weeks. I did call him and tell him about the tongue episodes and he said he didn’t know what those were.. I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks. I am very afraid of these seizures progressing into ones where I lose consciousness and wonder if anyone else has these seizures and has not developed more serious symptoms. Thank you for any info or comments.

Hi @mountainhiker, welcome to Connect.
I’m tagging @audrapopp and @langworthy68, who have discussed partial seizures here on Connect. They may be able to comment with respect to their experiences.

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