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I want to get pregnant.

Posted by @heebookun in Women's Health, Mar 7, 2012

Can anyone tell me that i'm pregnant? This is my 4th week. My period is usually 26days but last month it added another 6days making it 32days and my doctor told me its normal. That my period has switched to 32days. But i wish i'm pregnant because today is the 26th day of my period, i havent seen my period. Is it pregnancy? Has anyone experiend a switch in period days.

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Posted by @anon84073033, Mar 7, 2012

Take a pregnancy test. The at home kind are just as good as the preliminary ones you get at the doctor's office. if it's positive, go see the doc to confirm.

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Posted by @heebookun, Mar 7, 2012

Thank you!I'll do a urine test tomorow. Please pray for me in whoever you believe in to be positive. I am very desperate.

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