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I took a bad fall on my right hip in 1994...every since,

Posted by @madonna59, Aug 5, 2012

I took a bad fall on my right hip in 1994…every since, I’ve had ongoing problems with my back…I was dx with a degenerative R SI joint, a misdiagnosed fx vertebra from the fall and everything has gone down hill from there…I now have chronic osteoarthritis in my back from the L5-S1 area, a spinal cyst, same area, fibromyalgia, and as of late, a new RA dx…they think…I’m one of the toughest, strongest women I know and have been fighting tooth and nail this ongoing and worsening pain…I’ve done EVERYTHING every doctor has asked me to do or try, sometimes more than once…I have literally been poked, prodded and tested to death…the pain in my SI joint/lower back is now down my right leg and my right foot…both my feet are numb under my toes yet hurt so badly I can barely stand it…the pain is worsening all the time and when I explain this to my Dr.s they all look at me like I have 3 heads…I’m only 53 yrs. old…my quality of life is horrible because the pain is soooooooooooooooooo bad…I’m not a wimp…I still manage to take care of myself and everyone else for that matter, but I barely sleep, I have NO social life at all and I have absolutely no support system from the medical profession or otherwise…the only pain medication I take is vicoden, only 4 a day…this takes the edge off…most all others make me too sick…as I’m extremely sensitive to these meds…I NEED HELP…all my MRI’s say there is no nerve impingement…yet no Dr.’s can explain to me why my pain is now near unbearable, why it keeps getting worse, why my right leg and right foot hurt so, so badly, why my feet are numb, I’m not diabetic…it’s made worse when I sit for any length of time, when I lay down and certain movements…I seriously can’t take much more…


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