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I too have fibro. At first I didn't want the Dr. to

Posted by @madsel, Jan 10, 2012

I too have fibro. At first I didn’t want the Dr. to diagnose me because to me, it meant that they didn’t know what was wrong. But as I began reading, I also began to notice the symptoms that are affecting me and why I have been feeling some of these things.

I hope you are able to get on a good medication regiment, that is so important including pain management. If you can get help with the pain then you are half way there. It many not completely disappear but with pain management you will be able to bear it also.

Another thing that I have noticed is that if I concentrate on my diet and eat lest sugar and carbs, only those two so far, it lessens the symptoms of the fibro.

There are a lot of website devoted to the symptoms of fibro including diet, pain management, excercize and other aspects. Read as much as you can about it. Make changes that you do research and decide are right for you slowly. That way you will know what change has the best effect for you.

Good luck in your search. I know how it feels, I truly do. It took me a little while also to get from the realization that something is wrong, to diagnosis to I’m going to be okay. You too will be there just give yourself a chance. It’s going to be okay. @janasr


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