I think my cervical cancer is back..

Posted by eboogsmom @eboogsmom, Nov 16, 2022

I’ve been bleeding for two weeks straight.. no end in sight it seems like.. last year I got diagnosed with PCOS, kept having blood in my urine from ovarian cysts and kidney stones.. I had cervical cancer ten years ago or so.. they took it out with a LEEP, the Dr. said she got clear enough margins.. not completely clear but good enough for her as long as she monitored me.. anyways.. nausea all day.. no appetite.. constant bleeding.. tired all day from the constant bleeding.. I’m anemic for a decade now too so that’s not helping.. not too mention everybody under the sun is annoying beyond belief, especially at work.. I had this type of oddness on a milder level last time.. if it’s this amped up this time, I’m fearing the worst., If the bleeding doesn’t stop, back to the er I go.. if anything I’ll probably need another blood transfusion.. honestly though.. I’d sooner have another leep and smell my cervix getting burned out of me than speak to anybody I work with.. they’re that painful.. their insane immature rudeness is too much to bear.. the crap we do to feed ourselves..

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@eboogsmom, I can imagine you're worried. The sight of blood in urine is alarming. It sounds like you might be bleeding more than just blood in urine at this time. Am I right?

I'm tagging some fellow cervical cancer sisters like @terrir10 @cancerback @earscan to keep you company while you wait to get answers.

I'm confident that you will go to ER if things continue or get worse. Did you also call to make an appointment with your doctor asap?

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