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I think I have depression

Posted by @mirandahope in Mental Health, Sep 7, 2011

I've taken a few tests from medical sights that say I might have minor depression. I don't really know what to do. I feel as if I do have depression; the cutting, the suicidal thoughts, the feel of worthlessness. I know that I have my whole life ahead of me, but I don't think I will make. I know that my parents will miss me but my dad has another prettier more perfect daughter and I only see my mom every now and then because shes always out with friends or with her boyfriend, plus she has my sister and her boyfriends daughter. I try to hintvat it, let people know but they don't see the hints. I'm scared because I don't want to die. But the longer I live with this the harder it seems to put up with. I don't know if I should tell one of my parents? What if they just blow it off saying it's not possible? That I just want the attention? Have any ideas as of what to do?

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Posted by @polonius, Sep 7, 2011

You need to get competent psychiatric help immediately. Medications can help you. Or see your family doctor for help.


Posted by @hazelrodt, Sep 7, 2011

Dear Miranda...speaking as a female who has conquered depression, with the help of meds and therapy, please, please get some help NOW. Your depression does not sound minor. Most of all, remember that depression is more than just feeling sad. This is not caused by you or your family. There is a chemical that your brain produces and it is not getting where it is supposed to be and doing what is supposed to do. Before I conquered my depression, I saw no colors. You will be amazed how many and how wonderful the colors in our lives are after you get the help you need. Please do not delay!!


Posted by @michaelaorticdissection, Sep 21, 2011

You need to see a DR!! Depression IS, and I am not a Dr but as one who has sufferred from depression all my life, I pretty much "know it when I see it", in this case hear it.

IT IS OK, life happens and some of Us process life different than others.....go to an MD/pscychologist who will talk with can get better, just take this step.


Posted by @saveunborn, Sep 22, 2011

Yes you should tell your parents how you are feeling. You are in dangerous territory and you need to reach out to someone and tell them. You will get better but you have to take that first step and tell your parents. If they won't listen then seek help. I will pray for you. God is in the healing business and try asking Him to direct you. Please know that I am asking Him for you too.


Posted by @mirandahope, Sep 22, 2011

Thank you all, and even more for praying for me. I've felt myself become more distant with Christ and hope that once I get help that I will be able to rebuild my relationship with him. But I have one last question. I am contemplating telling one of my teachers. I am writing a memoir in her class and wrote myself into the pages as asked. But I told her that my depressed cutting/anorexic story is a narritive even though its not. Should I tell her or go to the counseler? I don't believe that i have the confidence yet to tell my parents to their faces. Maybe my sister. But if I tell the couniler I can sort a little bit of this and maybe gain that confidence. Who should I tell?


Posted by @saveunborn, Sep 22, 2011

You should see a counselor but if you feel led to tell yout teacher, do whatever it takes to tell someome. Your teacher will know how to help you by directing you to the right person. I have prayed for you Miranda. There is a way out of this.


Posted by @hollmark, Sep 22, 2011

Hello Miranda, I have just a moment ago joined this forum, and have come across your posting right away.

Hoping not to confuse you too much, I am tempted to say 'not you have a depression'; but the 'depression HAS you'. Feeling kind of lost against it?

Try to think about 'depression' as a further symptom, of some other cause. Don't give 'it' too much power and weight, please...

The cutting you describe, has often to do with the inability to express, to release, what you would 'like to let out'.

The cutting is kind of a 'artificial way' to get the pressure, which has built up in you, out of your system and body. I have accompanied several women, who cut themselves...and all of them said, that they cut themselves, so they finally feel themselves again and it would help them release pressure (as described).

Does this kind of a description resonate in you of any kind?

Somehow you point it out yourself, if I get you right, you DO WANT TO LIVE....just NOT under these circumstances, do I get you correctly?

Your environment seems to have to deal enough with themselves.

Let me ask you to think about a person, maybe someone you have not thought of so far, to whom you would either have trust already, or someone you could build trust for the first time?

Having someone like this, being able and ready to support and accompany you on that sometimes challenging and daring way of yours, would be fantastic for you.

Maybe this person could even get in touch with ideal people like 'psychologists / counsellors' and so case you don't have the energy and will-power to do it right away for yourself.

Hey, I would very much enjoy hearing more from you. Why don't you use the anonymity of this forum, to find people, which understand you and maybe help you in that way, to learn to understand yourself better?

Worth a try?

I am for my part "glad to have met you here".

Have a nice evening and talk to you soon,



Posted by @archangel, Oct 22, 2011

Talk to your family about how you feel and your friends and seek a doctor for possible antidepressants and find a counselor to talk to determine best meds to use. I understand I have been there. Millions of people struggle with this your not alone. Also loook into borderline personality disorder I have it and you have alot of the signs and find meds and counseling helps

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Posted by @nativefloridian, Oct 22, 2011

Hi Miranda, I do hope you have taken the advice of so many and are speaking with someone you trust about your feelings. If you have not done so, please talk with someone that you feel certain will believe you and not judge you. It is important to share your thoughts with someone that is near you. Talking to your teacher sounds like a great idea, if you feel comfortable doing that. I understand why you may not want to tell your family right away but you will feel alot better once you tell the truth to your teacher. she can help you make decisions about who else to talk to right away. Please reply and know that you are in thoughts and prayers here. You have our attention and we want to hear from you. How are you doing?


Posted by @mirandahope, Oct 30, 2011

Sorry I have'nt replied sooner; I've had homework. But I am doing alot better. I still have moments were I'm sad but not as often. I've found myself seperating from my best friend and its actually whats helping me. Does any one know if my friend could have cause my depression? And I think I have looked at borderline personality disorder but I dont remeber the results so I'll have to look at it again. But thanks for all of your help everyone.


Posted by @archangel, Oct 28, 2011

talk to a counselor first


Posted by @birdsong, Oct 29, 2011

What are your symptomns?


Posted by @archangel, Oct 29, 2011

are you asking me? or Miranda?....I struggle with depression which is overwhelming sadness and lack of motivation and energy and the longer is goes on the worse it gets/ Thankfully I found a counselor to talk to which helps and support groups and web sites like this one


Posted by @kidswriteri123, Mar 29, 2012

There is nothing minor about your depression, and if you are afraid that your parents will blow it off, tell your doctor right away. He will send you to a psychiatrist, try NOT to be freaked out by that but they have to evaluate you to see if you need an anti depressant. It will get better, Please feel free to write back to me for support

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